“As head of my own brokerage, and previously as a sales manager, it was my job to mentor and teach the agents I had working for me. And I discovered I loved teaching. When the opportunity came up for me to teach real estate classes for agents outside my brokerage, I grabbed it.”

My combined passion for real estate and teaching ultimately led me to found the Metropolitan School of Real Estate. And since the beginning I’ve been committed to the idea that real estate education should NOT be something we have to suffer through. I believe it should be engaging and informative and make us better real estate agents. I also believe that quality real estate education should be more accessible to all, which is why I helped push for and pioneer online education.

I think you’ll find that our passion and commitment shows. If you compare Metropolitan School of Real Estate to others offering similar courses, you’ll see that we not only try to set the bar higher, while keeping our costs low, but we also strive to keep it interesting enough so you want to study with us! Please try us out and find out for yourself!

Michael Albano

Principal - Metropolitan Boston Real Estate

Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Instructor

Founder Metropolitan School of Real Estate


Michael Albano, Broker/Owner of Metropolitan Boston Real Estate, is a Massachusetts Board of Real Estate certified instructor with nearly twenty years of experience teaching and training real estate and marketing professionals. As one of the first instructors of online real estate education in Massachusetts with the Metropolitan School of Real Estate and, previously, with Keep Me Certified, Michael has helped thousands of Massachusetts real estate agents stay up to date with their continuing ed requirements.

Continuing Education students appreciate Michael’s in-depth understanding of real estate and the effort of research and preparation put into each of his online courses. Again and again they comment on the quality of his instruction as well as their surprise at how much they actually enjoyed it and even learned something new. Some brokers tell us watching Michael’s videos is part of the training for their new agents. And a handful of agents tell us they miss the sound of his voice when they are finished with their 12 hours!

Pre-licensure students enjoy Michael’s live classes for many of the same reasons. In the 40-hour class, he draws upon a variety of anecdotal real estate experiences and uses a PowerPoint Presentation-driven format to increase retention. His approach also includes test-taking and studying strategies to prepare students for the licensing exam. Our pre-licensure students are typically surprised that their 40 hours goes by so quickly, and they often express an appreciation for Michael’s knowledge, humor, and passion, inspiring in them an excitement for a new career in real estate.


I loved the class. Michael is knowledgeable and a great teacher. I wish my economics teacher in college was as good and entertaining.” – Ina T.

“I appreciate Michael’s approach to helping us understand the core concepts. His examples from past transactions really solidified the information. His passion and track record is inspiring!” – Sebastean G.

“So much insight and awesome explanations. Michael Albano is a great communicator and instructor.” – Michael M.


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