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Meet your Continuing Education requirement the easy way – by watching our online video courses when it’s convenient for you. Our 12-hour suite for one great price includes 5 Continuing Education modules. Upon completion, you will receive your 12-hour certificate. If you need an Ethics module for your Realtor(R), it is included here! Course modules included: Professional Ethics  RE33RC11 (course earns 2 credit and is the MAR required 2.5 hrs long) Technology & Real Estate RE32RC03 (3 hrs) Appraisal & Valuation RE26RC07 (3 hrs) Environmental Protection RE63RC10 (2 hrs) Financing 1 RE25RC08 (2 hrs) Earn points for each video you watch to completion. Each Continuing Ed online module (course topic) is comprised of more than one chapter and you earn credits for each. Once you’ve accumulated 12 hours worth of points, you’ve met your 12-hour requirement and can order your certificate in the pop-up box by filing in your legal name and real estate license number. After that last step, the certificate will be emailed to you.  Please note that you cannot fast-forward through parts of videos you have not yet watched. Also, if you need to log off in the middle of a video, our video bookmark feature will save your spot… so you can resume right where you left off when you return. To help you plan, each segment is about 40 minutes in the 2-hour modules and 60 minutes in the 3-hour modules.  You will have access for one year to complete your 12 hours. And you have 1 certificate per order. (If you'd like to take the courses individually, we have that option, too! Just look for the link on the Continuing Education page.) Thanks for joining us! The Team at Metropolitan School of Real Estate

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