Can Real Estate Be My “Side Hustle”?

A lot of our students arrive in class wanting to take on real estate as a part-time job. Now it’s all about the side hustle. That certainly sounds more fun – though some would argue there’s no such thing as a less than full-time agent. But, if you’re going to try, what you need is a “full-time attitude.”

Here are a few things to consider if want to make real estate your side hustle:

  • Are you ready to hustle? Are you ready to focus on building your business as if it were your full-time job? With that attitude, you won’t be surprised by the amount of time it takes.
  • Is your current obligation flexible? An agent’s schedule is really the client’s schedule. Home hunting is much more than open houses on weekends. Will you be able to drop everything to show a must-see home and then put together a time-sensitive offer? Will you be available for a home inspection when the inspector has time available?  
  • Do you have a job where you are...
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